Dudley and Kitty ultimately spunking after a lengthy night, entirely weary after railing all night.

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Busty slut from T.U.F.F. Puppy tv-show is going up and down under heavy pussy assault in this post!. heroes ae here anew and with detailed pictorial fuck reports and thatwill render your poker! Here is an episode of savage licentious T.U.F.F. Puppy hentai that are screwing an inexperienced toon bitch one hottie and one nottie! ;)

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TUFF Puppy Sex Story: "Kitty’s wet pussy"

Just as Agent Kitty katswell walks into her office she heres the roaring cries of her partner Dudly (KITTY KITTY!!!!) as these cries echoed througg TUFF HQ Kitty thought to herself. Ohh not now Dudley im to horny just the Dudley barged into the office. Kitty i have a huge problem. This obviously shows because dudley had a RAGEING boner. Kitty takes on look and all of the sudden “AAAHHAH OHHH UUHUHUHHU” “What is it kitty” Dudley why of today of all days do you have to have a boner you made me squirt all over my self and my pussy is SOO FUCKING WET. Dudley look over and as alway pays attention to his own problems. “Kitty my dick has increased in size and now i cant get rid of it”. Just the kitty got the most sexual idea. “Here dudley i can help you with that” and with the obvious Horny glare. In a fit of sex dudley and kitty stroke each other until kitty begins sucking on dudleys cock “just star relaxed dudley ill do all the work”. “SLOOSH SLOOSH SLURP SUCK”. “AUGH IM CUMING” dudley screams. “SLATT” Kitty then begins to put her wet pussy on dudly cum cover penis and begins the ultamate penitration but half way through kitty begins to have an orgasm. “Shut up Kitty we dont want Keswick to here” but kitty couldn’t hold herself back “UH AHH UHHHHH AHAH UH UH UH U HU HAUGH”. Then Keswick comes around the corner and discovers kitty katswell having brutal sex with dudley and in a snap it turned into and orgy when keswick gets there boss in on the fun. At the end of the day kittys pussy was all plesured out and there was cum all over the office. 9 months later she has dudley babys and bring them to his house but just like that they ignore the baby and begin pounding kittys pussy against dudleys huge cock. The End

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looks like kitty got stuck in one of T.U.F.F’s “special” invention

T.U.F.F. Puppy Porn

Be on the alert as the drawn T.U.F.F. Puppy thing is much fuller of surprises than you think: the most skilled meaty fellows. We are anxious to plug this curvy and hottie. Cpulating in the T.U.F.F. Puppy sex porn show is the most delightful and the greatest!

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