TUFF Puppy Sex Story: "On the Job"

Kitty walked into TUFF, surveying the building where she worked. She smiled, all seemed calm.

“Hey Kitty!” that was her partner Dudley.

“Morning Dudley,” she answered.

“What are we going to do today?”

At the word, do Kitty felt a pang in her nether regions. While her physical conquery of the villian Snaptrap last night in exchange for his freedom was fantastic. It left her unsatisfied. Even thinking back to last night made her pussy wet.


“Oh, baby,” moaned Snaptrap as Kitty’s agile tounge worked on his cock. Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked up his precum and worked over his balls.

Snaptrap’s 7 inch cock worked between her breasts causing her substacial D cups to bounce. Her nipples were hard as stone and she feverishly worked her fingers in and out of her clit as she gave Snaptrap a tit job.

As her first self induced orgasm wracked her body with pleasure, Snaptrap flipped her over onto her small coffee table.

“You want this baby?” he asked, nudging the entrance of her pussy with his cock.

“Yes!” she gasped. “Fuck me raw!”

Snaptrap’s cock pushed into her with force. Her canal widened to accomadate his thick rodent member. She moaned with each thrust, rubbing and squeezing her nipples to put her over the edge again and again. She felt Snaptrap grab her hair and tug and moaned as she was ridden like a horny toy.

She then felt her tail being lifted up. Snaptrap’s thumb rubbed over her anus, giving her a forbidden and untried pleasure. He slowly pushed a finger in, watching her groan with mixed discomfort and ectasy as he did. Quickly, he switched holes, pushing as quickly as he could into her ass. He thrust gaining speed. When he had found his rhythm, Kitty felt herself wracked by more and more pleasure. As she felt his cock expand, she pressed against him, letting him cum deep, deep in her asshole.


Continue with part 2? yea nay?

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