TUFF Puppy Sex Story: "On a ship"

whale on her mothly vaction kitty had dudly wacht out for bad guys. as she was asleep he could not stop looking at kitty .she had on a lirage top and thong pantys he stated to get a erection .he thought that it would go away if he looked a her pusy so he lifted the blanket and puled down her panttys. he was so intreged to see it that he started to jerk off . and when he touched it he look at it and licked it . that made kitty moan and he liked it so he keeped doing it .but made sure not to wake her up . and finaly he stared to cum a kitty did to. this woke her up and he sputted a load all over her face . and she would have said somthing if not for her huge orgasum she was haveing . after that they both whent back to sleep.

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